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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Out on a limb...

Still playing around with cards...  I wanted to do a bird themed one and came up with this idea.  I took white card stock to make the face card, and a pretty cloud stencil that is about 6x6".  I inked it up with Distress Inks in various blues with a bit of gray, and lavender - I was thinking sky, with clouds, and perhaps a bit of dawn sunlight...

I misted the stenciled piece well with water, and dried it with my heat gun.  I trimmed the one piece down to two pieces that are 3x5.5", and inked the raw cut edges with blue ink.  I layed it over a darker teal blue to frame it.  I added the little bird stamps in a fine black ink.

I cut a turquoise card base that is about 3.5x6", and glued the layered face card over it.  I cut a small rectangle of white card stock.  I inked the edges in one of the blues used to make the background of the face card, and stamped the feather detail on in blue as well.  I misted and dried it to soften the details of the feather.  Then I stamped the sentiment on it in sepia ink, laying it over the darker teal card stock as well, and then added it over the face card with pop ups so it sticks out just a wee bit.

For the inside, I cut a liner card slightly smaller, and glued it on the right hand side to the inside of the card.  I added the small feather detail in black.

I made a custom envelope and added the feather detail to the top flap in sepia as well.  I love the soft colours of the distressed ink background.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eye of the tiger...

I love this stamp set - I bought it from CreativFest a couple of years ago, thinking to use it with polymer clay, after having taken a Lisa Pavelka class on decorative jewelry with polymer clay.  It works for that, but I have never used it for paper crafting.  I had an idea today and this seemed perfect for it.

I took white card stock and stamped the image on with embossing glue, and heat embossed it with black detail powder.  After it cooled, I cut the tigers out, and used water colour pencils to apply colour onto the paper, over the embossed image.  I used a water brush to blend the colours.

I am very happy how they turned out - the black embossing makes the colour pop.  I left the white of the eyes white of course.  The green really makes the orange pop.  The bottom pic is the tigers with the flash on the camera on.

I inked the edges of the tigers with black ink.  Then mounted it on a dark gray card stock to make a mat for the image.  I then mounted it diagonally on a side-folding A2 card made with a lime green card stock.  I used light gray on the same darker gray card stock for the sentiment - which I thought was kind of cute, considering how serious the tiger looks.

I cut a gray smaller card to mount on the inside, glued to the right side of the card, like in the other cards I made.  I stamped this little guy on the inside, adding the "meow" stamp that came with the kitty stamps I used yesterday.

What a big, grumpy looking pussy cat!

Monday, July 28, 2014

The cat's meow...

I kind of love odd shaped cards, and these are 3 1/2 inches wide, by 6 inches tall, and are side opening.  I made the base out of a nice bright blue.  I cut a strip of gray and stamped it with some cute cat stamps I had - they were free with a magazine I picked up this winter!  To frame it, I used two strips of washi tape down the length, and mounted the stamped cats over top of them.

I took the sentiment and stamped it on the same gray as the long strip, and mounted it, on the diagonal, on a darker gray to make it show more, and mounted it on pop ups.

On the inside, I cut a smaller gray card, and glued it on the right side face.  I added a little sentiment on the corner.  I also made custom envelopes in gray to go with this card.