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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pendent packaging...

I recently gave in and bought some dies from Simon Says Stamp - they are the Tammy Tutterow line from Spellbinders, and are the little mini envelope dies.   They are teeny and are great for little whimisical messages or mini bits of art to add to a card, or mixed media piece or what not.

I have enjoyed playing around with them and found them to be a great size to make for packaging scrabble tile pendents and that is what I used this particular set for.  This is the window mini pocket - so it cuts an envelop with a window and a little card to fit inside.

I made the little envelope, and used the little card inside to hold the pendent so it would dangle through the window.  The bamboo pendents are a bit too large and awkward for this, but the tile pendents are perfect.  I added some stampings, to decorate.

There is a little hole cut into the flap, so I used that to make a little wrap around tie for some bakers twine.

I am happy how they turned out... and then turned around and bought some more from her line!  Can't wait to get them here... and now tempted to get a Big Shot Plus so I can get some of the larger envelope dies!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Father's Day...

These are the two Father's day cards I made this year.  I find it so hard to make masculine cards that are still elegant, and not making me think of the popcorn card I made when I was 8, and hope this hit the mark.

I wanted something with lots of texture, and chose two patterned kraft papers - the stripe, and the graph paper.  I inked up the edges in Pumice Stone to take away that cut raw edge look.

To add a bit of elegance I took a large Tim Holtz flourish stamp and stamped over the graph paper with Versamark ink and sprinkled a champagne gold powder over it and heat embossed.  I quite like how the champagne gold looks on the kraft paper brown.

I thought about black, or copper, and it would have worked probably too - but I thought the gold would be softer and lighter.

I made an A2 sized base card from textured card stock in a muted olive green and a burgundy red, and layered the patterned paper over the face, leaving about an eighth of an inch all around.  I made the stronger pattern a bit smaller, and layered some washi tape in between to break up the edges and add a bit of visual interest.

For the one, I used a couple of patterns of washi paper and set them on more of an angle.  For a dimensional element, I wrapped some gray-brown striped bakers twine several times around and tied it over a vintage brass button, over the washi tape.  Then I made some stamped banners and layered them over each other for the sentiment.

The dads appeared to like them - they are both the silent types - but I always hear from my niece how my mother and father talk about how handy I am and how they like that... that always gives my crafty little heart a glow and a smile :)

Anyways, the budget could always use a little boost to help it in the craft supply department, no matter what the hubs may say, so I am also entering this in this week's challenges at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge blogs - the use patterned paper challenge at the Monday Challenge blog, and adding some shimmer, at the Wednesday Challenge Blog... wish me luck!

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Soar creatively...

I have made several little chipboard notebooks for the Craftster Canada meet up that is happening this weekend in Southern Ontario.  They fit the 3x5 note cards you can buy at any stationary/office store. They are just like the ones I made for myself in the past.  Like the one I made here, and the first one I made, for the Creativ Festival in 2014.

This one is also made with reused cardboard from boxes - not the corrugated stuff, but the flat and dense stuff that is similar to chipboard.  I

I collaged patterned papers on, and used some washi tape, and painted and inked die cut elements to decorate, and used matte gel medium to layer and glue everything.

I used a simple ring clamp to make the little book, and inside the cover, I added a die cut envelope for holding little bits of ephemera.

I made a number of these and will slowly go through them the next little while.  Nothing fancy, in between the covers, but I am loving how the covers turned out.  Lots of different layers and patterns, a bit of inking, and a bit of shimmer from metallic and iridescent paints.

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I will be entering this little notebook as well in this week's challenges at the Simon Says Stamp blog, for the Monday Challenge, using patterned papers, and the Wednesday Challenge, adding shimmer.. wish me luck!

Falling leaves re-do....

I had to do a re-do of my Falling Leaves pendents...  I am not sure if it was some kind of cross-reaction between the adhesive of the aluminum tape, or what, but the resin did not set properly and was still tacky, even after a month and even with more UV exposure on some of the pieces.  Also, perhaps the resin did not set properly underneath and I did not think the alcohol inks needed sealing, the inks mottled and slid off the leaves and dispersed in the resin.  They have to be considered a craft fail.  Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the end result - I removed the salvageable bits and did a total remake.

I made over a dozen of the bamboo tile versions and a half dozen of the smaller game tile ones.  The process was the same, but the difference was that I used red, textured card stock as the base of the leaves, and daubed them with metallic paints in coppers, bronze, and metallic orange, and inked the punched edges of the leaves with brown inks.

I again painted the backgrounds of the tiles with various iridescent blues, and some pearl paint for clouds.

Then I die cut and inked the tree limbs.  I glued all the paper elements on with layers of Mod Podge, using thin layers and painting in all directions and diagonally with my brush strokes, to try to seal the paper pieces as much as possible, and allowing good drying to occur before the resin layers.

Then I poured a small layer of resin, worked as many of the bubbles out as possible and let that cure. When using layers of Japanese book paper and textured paper, sometimes microscopic bubbles will show up and expand when cured - they can be bored out, cleaned up, and corrected to most degrees with a second pour of resin... or just sit back and enjoy the individualism little booboos like that give to a hand-made piece...  I also still love how Asian printed papers can be used for interesting texture on die cuts.  I just picked up some more used Asian tomes for more uses like this.  Arabic script would probably be lovely like this too.

So I will still experiment with metallic tape and resin, but if that uncured resin issue occurs again, I may have to reconsider it's use with resin pieces.  But I am still happy how the remake turned out.

Finally, I just did a simple, random wire wrap for the hangers, on the bamboo pieces.  I used small garnet chips and a silver-tone maple leaf to make some danglers for the bigger pieces.  For the smaller tiles, just a simple glue on bail.

BTW - I am back... anyone miss me :)

Things are a bit more stable, but we still have a loved one in the hospital and there will be a period of prolonged healing after he is discharged.  But he does - knock wood - seem to out of a zone of immediate danger.

I've also been crafting lots of little items, which I will slowly reveal over the next while.  Thankfully, crafting is therapeutic - especially as there has been a lot of stress these past few weeks.  I have a potential bit of a battle to fight myself in the next short while, so will depend on crafting to help me keep my sanity and not go out and kill someone... paint and ink should always be a better way to go than violence and anger... must remember that....

I will be entering these as entries into this week's challenges at Simon Says Stamp, for the Monday, patterned paper challenge - for the texture on the leaves, but primarily using the Japanese printed paper for the texture on the tree die cuts.  Also for the Wednesday Challenge, to add some shimmer, for the use of the metallic/iridescent paints, amplified under the resin...

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Please Stand By...

Regular programming will resume shortly....

Things have been a bit hectic lately.  A family member has been significantly ill, hospitalized, and with complications, this past week or so, so life has been a bit stressful...

Things are being made, as that is how I de-stress, but there has been large blanks where I can't get started and just stare into space for a bit, while the hamster in the rusty wheel that is my brain starts to run faster and faster, and I enter the worst case scenarios room of my head, because that is how I fret and worry.  BAD HAMSTER!!!!!  GET OUT OF THAT ROOM!

In the mean time, I am not in the mood to take pictures... but that will come soon.  Just waiting for the hamster to stop freaking out, and when I am back swimming in mental calm blue oceans.

To add the cherry on top of the crap sundae, I picked up a wicked summer cold.  Wheeeeeee - riding that mucous-y slip and slide, and losing my voice too - wheeeeeee!  I am now going back to my coffee, kleenex, Halls vitamin C, and binge-watching of Chuck.  There may be some paint or glue being added to something some point while I wait for phone updates.