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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gellied flower garden...

This is what I made with the Gelli printed fabric from the other day.  I was in a garden and Spring mood, and wanted to make a quick little garden fabric collage.

I was going to make a quilted piece, but could not find my black fabric so I found a piece of thick felt instead and made that my base.  I wish I found the fabric, but frankly, tearing the room apart to find it had no appeal, especially as I did that in the office the other day to look for some tax info - which was actually where I thought I left it to begin with - just missed it the first time I looked.  Thank you Greater Universal Spirit  - you kind of suck just a little bit, often.

Anyways, for the background, I took a stencil and added leafy flourishes in gold paint, and added a bit of pearlescent green over top.

Then I die cut the flower shapes and the butterfly shapes from the Gelli printed fabric.  I did not do anything to preserve the edges - I am hoping the edges will eventually fray for a distressed look.

I love the way the Gelli printed fabric looks.  I sewed the flowers on with embroidery floss, using coloured glass E beads and tiny coordinating seed beads.

I really love the way some of the black looks on the blue fabric of the butterflies.  For them, I used purple Nymo to add short tube beads to make the bodies, and to make the antenna, with grey beads at the end.

I am happy how it turned out!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dijon thyme pork chops

This was a tasty dinner the other night.  A simple chop.  I did it kind of similar to a rabbit dish I do.  I made a marinade of Dijon with some thyme, and pepper, and smeared that onto the pork chops.  That made the base to stick herbed bread crumbs too which I added a bit more thyme to.  Then I browned the pork chops on either side, and baked it in the oven to cook through.  I served it with stuffed, double baked potatoes, and a mushroom, broccoli mixture.  Yum!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jammin' with some Gelli...

I took some white cotton the other day and a 5x7 Gelli plate and went to town playing.  I had an idea I wanted to give a try.  They were small strips of fabric, and I used some cheap craft paints in my stash.  I brayered on a background colour, pressed the fabric on and pulled it off.  Then I brayered on a different colour, and added a pattern with some combs, and then printed the pattern onto the base coloured fabric.

The acrylics dried quite fast, and I am happy how they turned out.  They are not for wearing, so I used plain old acrylic paint, with no fabric medium.  I also did not bother backing the fabric with any paper, and as the fabric was not ironed, there were some wrinkle patterns and the like, but for the project I have in mind, that should not matter.

It was a lot of fun - I do have to pick up some fresher paint (some of my paint is soooooo old), and play some more in the future.