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Friday, September 04, 2015

Here fishy fish fish...

This was a little goldfish I made recently.  Actually, he's not that little, not like the tiny ones I made for this Terry Pratchett tin earlier in the year.

I was playing around with 2 part resin clay (Apoxie Sculpt).  I remember how great it was at holding crystals in and colour, like with this dragon compact I made a few years ago, embedding a charm and small crystals in it.  But I wondered it would be as good when only a portion of something is embedded in it, like the one edge of the sequins to make scales.

I made a simple gold fish shape, and made a couple of indentations for the eyes and for the nose.  I wanted it to sit flat, so molded it flat on he bottom.  I shaped the fins and tail, and the clay glued easily to itself.  My clay is old, but with lots of kneading, it was beautifully malleable.  The open working time may be decreased though.

While pretty fresh, I brushed on mica powders and blended them with a find brush directly on the clay.  It does stick beautifully to the clay.  Then I started layering the sequins.  Finally I added the crystal eyes and used a ball tool to add some texture.

After patiently not touching it for a day (after not so patiently poking and prodding at it repeatedly - don't do that btw!!!), I checked and the sequins were quite firmly embedded in - I love this stuff!

I love how beautifully it takes the mica powder as well - you don't need a lot, and you do have to realize that it is not like paint, because once you lay a colour down, unless there is some clay showing, you can't colour over with a different powder, so plan your colours well.  I am happy how the colours turned out.

Thursday, September 03, 2015


Just playing around with negative space and a foliage stencil again.  I went with some organic Zentagle-esque doodling at the sides and striping in the center areas.  I like just the plain black and white.  Not sure if I am going to bother colouring this at all.

The various parallel lines end up quite textural, and it was quite meditative to do.

What can I say?  I hate housework!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Time to craft...

This is a teeny tiny mixed media piece I did recently.  How teeny tiny is it???  This is a mico canvas I found that is backed onto a wood frame, wrapped with canvas (glued, rather than stapled).  It is only about 2 inches squared!  So cute.

I wrapped it all around the front, tops, sides with texture paste, and stamped into it with a misted stamp, and then I added colour when the paste was dry, including some deeper tones into the impressions.  I then added the clock face and sentiment, and added a bit of marker detail afterwards.

I am happy how it turned out, especially considering how small it was to work with.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Fantasy foliage...

This is another piece I got into, while experimenting.  It is also done on 9x12" water colour paper, with Sharpie pen, which is nicely waterproof/moisture proof.  I used the leaf stencil to add the leaf shapes.  Then I used the pen to add swirl shapes in the leaves.

I then added some bright colours in the leaves, with a slight ombre effect.  I decided to work with colours I don't normally use, to challenge myself a bit.  Then I did a graduated effect on the background colour.

I like the contrast of the pinks/yellows with the blue background.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Leaves a-flame

I was in between projects for a bit there, and got into playing around with patterns.  This is a piece I got caught up in earlier in the month.  It is a 9x12" piece, done on watercolour paper.  I took a leaf stencil and lightly penciled the pattern onto the paper.  Then I added the lines with a fine Sharpie pen in black.

I used the parallel line sets to define the leaf shapes, rather than outlining the leaves themselves.  It turned out rather neat.  Then I used watercolour pencils to add colour.  I was thinking of bright fall colours against the darker green/browns of the woods.

I am rather happy how it turned out, for playing around.  Also, I found making the series of lines very therapeutic and meditative.