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Friday, October 24, 2014

Creativ Festival - Day 3 - it was a delight!

It's day 3 and I am getting a bit tired - the commute with the tote of supplies can be tiring.  Sometimes you have to lug materials to the site  - such as pliers, scissors, hoops, etc, and often there are materials to lug home - and that is not taking into consideration anything you may purchase on the floor.

Regardless, it was another early day today.

First off was a silk ribbon sampler class with Erla Wilson- she does beautiful work.  This is her finished and framed sampler above.  Unfortunately, this was a 3 hour workshop and there were so many different stitches to go through.  It really should have been a 6 hour class I suspect.  Also, there was a written guideline, but I wish the picture was larger to provide a better reference, and there was a bit more detail.  I sense it should have been relaxing, but I feel that because of the short time, that I was stressed trying to keep up as she moved on with the demonstration of each of the flower stitches - and it was  a pretty large class with lots of people with varying levels of experience.

This was all I managed to get done in class - I will try to finish it, but I am not sure I will remember all the details.  I will say though, the silk ribbons that came in the kit were so delicate and luscious.

Next is Kathryn Drummond with a 3 hour workshop called Cupcake Delight.  Here are her class samples - aren't they adorable???  She was very patient and great showing demonstrations of the stitches.  It was a very relaxing class.

I feel confident that I can do the finishing with no problem - so I concentrated on the stitching - I had a lot of trouble reading the thread counts on this, and made a few mistakes, but I decided to go with it.  This is what I got done, and ultimately, I am happy with it, and will finish it off when the festival is done.

The kit came with all three patterns and I would like to try it with a different material - and perhaps translate it to the lid of the paper mache box that makes the cupcake base - the lids are not used in this project.  By the way - apparently I am a bit of a prodigy with bullion stitches (I did practice ones on the corner of the piece, not pictured).

The final class of the evening was actually quite surprisingly physical.  It was a 3D flower felting class with Sharon Tate - her first time at the festival.

The above is her examples from the class, and she was so enthusiastic, that it made it a very fun class It was a lovely, frothy, wet, fun time and even though it was a three hour workshop, many of us were able to make two flowers in less than 2 hours.

This is a poppy I made - it still needs to dry to shape, and I want to dry felt some of the edges and shape them a bit more, as well as add some beads to the center.  I wanted to make a poppy for Remembrance Day, coming up, and was thinking of DH's granddad, a WW2 vet, as I was making it. It actually brought a tear to Jim's eye when I told him that, and showed him the flower.

This is my stemmed doodad that I will call an iris ;)  I love the variegated green stem - and I plan on adding a bit of stitching with beads down the wonky edge of it, and do a bit of stitching and shaping of the petals - and add some stamen/pistil detail with floss and beads to the center.

But getting so physical with the yarn was just wet, frothy, messy fun.

Getting back to the first day, here are some pics of the best piece of my dyed fabric so far - I have only opened three wraps, and the first two just had hints of amorphous colour - this one was the wool crepe I bought from King Textiles and I was worried it was not 100% wool and may not take it - but when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was not perfect, but it had some nice prints on it and here are some of my favourites!

I love that you can see the veining in the leaf detail.

Look at the green of the birch leaf!

Again, the stem and veining detail.

Below is an oak leaf - I am so happy how this turned out!

What I did on vacation - part 6...

Playing around a bit more.  This was done one night while I was craving a cup of tea... but we are at some bare bones supplies, as the farm house is gutted, and we were staying in an old trailer.

You can see that the blending of colours was not as smooth - this was using the Faber Castell pencils for the most part.

Also, there was a stretch of cold and wet nights.  A good hot cup of tea would have helped to ease my soul.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creativ Festival... Day 2 - A wrap-turous, fabulous day full of glitz, flowers, and cake...

It is rather late Thursday night right now, and I just got home a short time ago.  It was a fun-filled day!

My first workshop was with Cecelia Ho, making 3D keepsake cakes with needle felting.  In it, we learned to make some decorations to make a felted cake, using a disc container as a base that can be used for storage - brilliant use of packaging that may be thrown away - and something that, since discs are going the way of the dodo, can be transferred to something like cookie or tea tins.

The above are her samples in the class, and we were given felt, a foam pad, a felting needle, various colours of roving wool, and a disc container.  She worked with us to show us how to shape the fruit, with some great little hints to make the shaping easier, such as tying a knot in the fiber hank to give a firm base to start with.  We were not able to finish the project in the 3 hour time span, but it was a small class of 4-5 people, and she gave us great direct attention, and the materials to finish the container.  I can see this making for a cute pincushion too!

I left my top of the cake attached to my foam so I can finish working on it - I am happy how it is looking, and am thinking to add some more blueberries around my melon ball - my strawberries are thin and small because I was thinking of the everlasting berries in my own back yard which look like that - really!

Next is another 3 hour workshop with Jamie North, from Alberta.  It was called Swarovski Wrap-ture - making a bracelet with wire and Swarovski beads.  It is a great practice in wire wrapped loops and she gave a great demonstration and for once I was able to make about 40+ decently consistently rounded wire wrapped loops - her big hint about placing the pliers on a slight angle, and to visualize the center of the circle on the stick helped so much - hard to explain it here, but it really did help!

I was able to wrap all my crystal filled headpins and the larger beads, and get my bracelet done in about an hour!  I wore it the rest of the day!

Lots of little wrapped loops in those clusters of crystals between the focals!

The floor show isn't open yet, so I killed a bit of time watching a bit of TV on my tablet.  But then for the final workshop of the evening.  It is called Fabulous Flowers with Joni Newman, from Ottawa.  I was expecting a bit more traditional quilting, but is quite forgiving, freeform, and while a machine could be used, for the class, she set it up as a hand sewn piece.  I was so happy - I have not done traditional quilting, but something free form is right up my alley since I am looking for ways to include new techniques in general crafting, mixed media!

This is her version of the little art quilt, from the site - isn't it pretty!  You can't see it as much, but the edges are ruffled a bit, and it shows some lovely embellishment with novelty fibers, and beads.

Here are her two piece samples from the class.  It was also three hours, but with all the hand stitching, and her speaking about the various stitches, and our general gabbing, we did not get anywhere near this.  The kit contains everything to finish it though, and I have so many beads in my own stash.

This shows how to cut the frame and the edges will be hidden by the ribbon/yarn embellishment.

All I got done was marking the petals and stitching all my flowers with the running stitch to shape them - so they will be ready to stitch onto the backing and embellished.  I love how forgiving it is, and I just hope mine turns out.

The funny thing also is that one of the people in that class, and there were only 7, also went to the same junior school I did when I was young, when Kleinburg was still a small town.  Not at the same time, but what a small world, right?

I also ran into Maggie Vanderveit in the morning and she told me that the leaf dyed fibers I did yesterday could be unwrapped tonight - I unwrapped three so far.  The first two were meh... just some colour transfer,with no discernible pattern - but the third actually turned out pretty cool - with some leaf patterns.  I will post pics later.  It's getting late and tomorrow is another day chock full of classes and the floor show opens at 10 - so ashopping I will go!