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Monday, July 06, 2015

Yes, the plumeria is growing....

We had a few days that were quite hot, and humid and I have added some extra water and feed to it when the soil felt dry, and it has really been seemed like the leaf shoots are shooting up!

This is from the one plant, with the biggest leaf, and some more leaf buds on the second branch.

I just wish they marked which colour each branch was - when I bought, I bought one that was a blue flower, and two peach/pink variegated.  Anyways, this was just dropped off at my parents for my mom and dad to continue growing.  They are great with houseplants and I know the plumeria will thrive there with them.  If it does, then at some point I will be cutting off some cuttings for myself anyways, whatever colour it ends up!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

It's PURPLE!!!!

This tickled my fancy lately... purple cauliflower!!!!!  It was a neat purple raw, but it actually got deeper with steaming...  It is a gorgeous purple colour!!!

... and this is the steaming water - it shed colour into the water and it is a neat blue - almost like a woad blue!

I made it to accompany dinner, which was a goat cheese stuffed chicken breast with gluten free breading.


Jim just thought it was weird, but it had nice flavour too - a bit milder and sweeter than standard cauliflower.  I added some garlic, salt, pepper, and a grated three cheese blend of romano, asiago, and parmasan, and it was delicious!

I was going to save the water and see if I could dye some fabric or paper with it, but maybe next time if I get this cauliflower again, I will save the leaves too and boil it for stronger colour.  Ginger was still alive at the time we made this, so I let her and Troy have the water - they thought it was delicious.  Yes, my dogs, including Toby a few years ago, love their veggies, including cauliflower. I wish I could find it, but somewhere there is a video of Toby begging for raw cauliflower when I was making a veggie tray for a party.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Free your soul to create...

I was making some 4x6 pieces lately and wanted to play with some light dimensional pieces.  So I decided to work on something based on words, and die cut letters to make the words.

I took a pre-prepped canvas and started with a layer of buff paint on it, then layered colour over it with various shades of blues, and some interference colours.  I added some texture with white and punchinella, and then added some gold paint on the edging.  I stamped the flourish on in smoky pigment ink, and picked out some of the flourishes in gold with a fine brush and gold acrylic.

I took chip board and the Wordplay die and cut out the letters.  I painted them with a base of buff paint also then a layer of pearl interference paint.  On that, I did a light stamping of music notes onto each of  the letters, then started adding some light colour over top, and edged it with more gold.

Finally, I added the letters to the front of the canvas with gel medium; I followed the slope of the flourish, which is why it drops down, and added the stamped sentiment below in a smoky gray pigment ink.

... so we can be reminded to all free our souls to create...