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Thursday, August 28, 2014

... more on the kissing hedgies...

OK, I loved that image of the two hedgies facing each other yesterday and DH thought it was cute too, so that lead to my making a bunch of note cards with it.  Just a basic A2 sized card.  I took a strip of white card stock and stamped the hedgies on that, facing each other in black Versafine ink.

They looked a bit bare and stark.  Luckily I found out recently that Versafine is a permanent pigment ink that is good with watercolours (reading labels - it's a good thing!), so I decided to get all watercolour on some hedgie butt.

I lightly coloured with watercolour pencils, using an umber on the bodies, and a touch of pink at the ears, and blended with water brushes.  I then layered the white decorated stock onto a dark gray card stock to frame it.  I used some leftover card stock pieces to add colour on the face of the white cards, laying the framed image on the coloured stock.

Finally, I stamped some sentiments on strips of leftover white cardstock, which I then layered on a wee bit of coloured stock to match the larger frame, and popped those on foam pop up adhesives.

I made a good dozen of them in different colours.  Above is a few of my favourites.  I think they are cute hedgies and DH likes the addition of the colour.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hedgie cuteness - one made for me!

OK, so I loved that little hedgie stamp so much I decided to make one for myself too...  and it never hurts to practice the lino carving when I can.  Anyways, I transferred the image in the opposite direction, to get a right facing stamp.

Look - twins!  Or kissing hedgies...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Portable Magic...

This is another patch I made recently, like the one posted previously...

I quite liked this one for several reasons.  First, it is Stephen King, whom I do like (and I am watching Under the Dome as I type this), and secondly, the quote is one I totally believe too - how else can you be transported to another world, except through magic?

Books are a uniquely portable magic - Stephen King

I cut a square out of the blue cloud cloth.  I ironed the black fabric over fusible interfacing and die cut the trellis shape.  I added fusible interfacing to the back of the muslin fabric too.  When ironed flat, I added colour with various Distress Inks - in browns, and grays, with a bit more darkening on the edges.  I spritzed the inked fabric with a mixture of fabric medium/water, and ironed to set it.  I then stamped the book image on with black Archival Ink.  I trimmed the edges of the fabric to the edge of the stamp.

I pinned and stitched the book onto the blue fabric, and the die cut pattern over it, stitching it down well.

I took some plain unbleached muslin and printed the words, reversed, with a laser printer, and transferred the lettering onto the fabric with Orange TKO.  I then trimmed them out and stitched it over the face.  I purposefully left the edges rough and frayed.  The stitching was done quite tightly, so it should hold it down. I did not use fusible interfacing, so that it could keep the frayed edges better.

I backed the panel onto a brown fabric, and folded the edges over to frame it, and stitched it down.  I did not add any batting, as I wanted it to stay flat.  Also, I was thinking that, if these were used for a project, like a bag, as I did not stitch the batting down, it would eventually ball up and move down in the panel, and look terrible.