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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Creative Joy (Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of 2015 - April...)

OK, I could not help but make another April Tag.  I was thinking about orientating the die cut banner along the length of the tag, so had to try it out.

I quite like the look of it actually.  The larger banner gives room for a larger word.

The background is a scrap piece of white card stock  I decorated it by smearing some chalks across a small piece of white card stock.  After that, I stamped the optical illusion pattern, a texture stamp by Helen Breil, in Perfect Medium and embossed it in clear.  The chalk colouration is very subtle, but a lovely look, especially when, after the embossing cooled, I inked the darker purple on over top, then buffed the surface cleanly.  I did something similar with the pocket tags I made last year.

I die cut the CREATIVE along the cut banner in the tag, and slipped the decorated piece of paper under it.  The pattern looks great under the die cut.

I added a bit of outlining of the letters and the die cut Joy, with a silver gel pen.  I had some leftover formed flowers which I layered and placed over the card.  I had previously spritzed them with Smooch after forming them.  I then placed them on the tag face with brads, and coloured the brads with a bit of pearl dimensional glue.

I added a bit of distressing to the outer tag edges and some Pumice Stone ink too.

I really love the embossed pattern.  The colour under the embossing, with the chalk pastes, was very subtle, but lovely.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

FYI - piping molding paste...

I tried to put a modeling paste design onto a curved surface with a flat stencil, and it just did not work.  Next time, I may have to hand cut a stencil and use a low tack adhesive, but I wanted quicker results.  So I thought, what would happen if I tried to pipe it?  So I took a small palette knife full of modeling paste in a zip bag, to work as a disposable piping bag.  I am trying out Tri Art brand.  It was suggested as an economical option, but providing better results than the store brand.  The sample board they provided seemed decent.

Regardless, I put it in the zippy bag and snipped a teeny teeny bit of the corner off, the squeezed the paste to the tip, releasing as much air as possible.

Next time, I may use a pin, as the paste did squeeze out, but more thickly than I expected.  But it did work!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

FYI - moulding paper flowers...

I wanted to make some moulded flowers lately.  But I did not want to get that flower crafting kit by Sizzix, so I wondered if I could do it with what I had on hand.  So I took some of my ball styluses and a thicker craft foam pad, and tried it out.   It works!  The craft foam has a bit of give to it, so you can take the ball stylus and press into the petals of a die cut card stock flower.

I used a circular/rolling motion in the center of the flower and on each petal to cup them, and I was pretty happy with the results.

I tried it with wet and dry card stock.  The wet gave some nice shaping, but it does make the paper more fragile, so you have to be careful with the pressure, or you will tear through the card stock.

Here are some of my cupped flowers drying after I spritzed them with a bit of Smooch.

MAN - I wish I figured this out when I made my Forget Me Not wreath!!!!  I hand curled each one of those petals!