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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time - (Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016, May Tag part 4)...

This is "make time"... part number 4 of this project, inspired by the May Tim Holtz tag.  I cut another banner page, and inked stamped the clock faces and stenciled a clock stencil across the face of it.  I added the die cut clock hands to the upper corner and two little metal ones below, after stamping the little phrase.

For the small tag, I added the washi tape and stamped the little clock on.  Then I added the embossed checkerboard pattern.  I added the inking to add some bright colour.

Then I die cut the "time" and added the two across the banner base.  I added a little alarm clock charm.

"make time"....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tea - (Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016, May Tag part 3)...

This is the next banner in this project.  This is also using this month's Tim Holtz tag as a jumping off point.  This is "make tea".

I made a little tag with a little tea cup stamping.  I added some splatter stenciling for some tea spills. I added a bit of leaf stenciling with texture medium, and then added the blue inks.

I added the stamped "keep calm" to the background banner, and some more stencils, and positioned the tag across the page, so it can be easily read.

I glued that across the banner page with the "tea" die cut.

I then added the little banners and tea cup charm.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Art - (Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016, May Tag part 2)...

This is page 2 of the project I am working on right now, which I am also basing on this month's Tim Holtz May tag.  I cut a card stock page the same width as yesterday's page.  I added a little file tab edge to the bottom.

I die cut the word "art"... yesterday was "make"... so together, it becomes "make art...".  I made another little tag, like the May tag.  I added the washi tape and the stamping on top.  Then I added the texture paste through a favourite art saying stencil.  After that dried, I added the inking.  While that was drying I added some stenciling to the base banner.

I used Cracked Pistachio, and then added some Scattered Straw stenciled straws.  I spritzed it to help the ink bleed a bit.

After adding the tag and the lettering over the banner page, I stamped some inspirational art words across in purple ink, and then added the little badge and tinted mirrored star.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Make - (Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016, May Tag part 1)...

I had this idea the other day for a bigger project that I am slowly putting together.  I hope it works out.  But in the mean time, I am using this month's Tim Holtz tag as an inspiration for putting this project together... this is part one of the project.

I started with an idea based on one word... make.  I die cut the letter out of textured red paper.  I made a little small tag, based on this month's tag.  I stamped the background of the tag with various images of creative tools.

Over this, I added some washi tape and then added the stamped hand.  I embossed over with some texture paste and inked the tag.  I cut a banner from card stock and stamped over the surface with other stampings that denote creativity to me.  I glued the tag over and added the die cut letters.

Over the top of the tag, I added some coffee filter flowers with beaded centers.  For the leaves, I used some pen nibs.

Off to the side, I added a little badge and a stamped washi tape banner... just because.

I really hope that this project works out!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

DIY - Daily Shower Rinse - it really works!

I found this recipe via Pinterest and gave it a try a couple of months ago.  I found that if we spritz after every shower, and I give it a good scrubbing every week or so with a cleaner and a decent scrubby, my shower is staying pretty clean and shiny!  I am using Scrub Free now, since my favourite Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower is not compatible with an acrylic tub, and this Vileda scrubby device. 

But I was using Method Daily Shower cleaner, and it runs about $5 per bottle and when we both spritz after every shower, that can get pretty pricey.  Also, I am not a huge fan of ylang ylang as a scent.

So after I found this recipe, I decided what the heck - let's make a couple of batches and give it a try - and I found it worked better!  I made a minor change, namely to add a bit of scent.  I prefer lavender for a nice shower scent... so I added some lavender oil and love it!  My shower is nice and shiny and I do find that there is less soap scum around the tub now... I doubled the batch because that fills most of a 1.5 L bottle.  Actually, I wait until two spritz bottles are empty, then quadruple or sextuple the batch because then I can fill a couple of spritz bottles and have enough to fill an extra refill bottle or two - all spritz bottles and filler bottles are reused too.  I am lazy so I would rather make a few batches in one go to last a few months than a small batch every couple of weeks.

Daily Shower Cleaner recipe 
makes just over 1.25 L

1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 cup rubbing alcohol (I used 70%)
3 cups water (just tap water is fine)
4 tsp dishwasher rinse aid (Jet Dry)
10 drops dishwashing liquid (I used Dawn lavender)
25-30 drops lavender essential oil (or as much/as little as you want, and feel free to experiment with other scents!)

Combine all the ingredients into a clean 1.5 L bottle, seal, and shake to combine well.  Put in a spritz bottle, shake, and spray generously on the shower surfaces after each shower.  No need to scrub or rinse.

Don't drink!  Label so husband does not think it is mouthwash!!!!

Here is a fresh batch ready to go - I had one spritz bottle that was still full from the last batch and made another two refill bottles and two spritz bottles full - it gets a bit frothy when you shake it up, from the detergent, but it does settle down into a nice clear spray.

Ignore the hair - I shed a lot - but seriously, it gives a nice shine to the tiles and the acrylic tub, and no - not slippery at all.  Also, no streaks!