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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Do you know what this is?

Seriously.  I saw this earlier this year on my door as I was leaving for work, before the sun rose. Obviously it is some kind of moth, but I did not recognize it.  It was rather small, and delicate, in shades of orange and white, with unusual markings.

Sorry for the bad pics, but again, before sunrise, and taken with my ipod.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

RUST!!! YAY!!!!!

DH brought this home for me the other day... I have never been so excited to see a bucket of rust! Can you guess why?  Hopefully I can show you in a couple of weeks...

No, seriously, this is not a symptom of my worsening craft hoarding (croarding?).  Something will be made from this... and I hope it will be beautiful.  Or at least the beginnings of something beautiful.

... and no, I don't have any nefarious plans of world domination through the willful infliction of tetanus on the public at large...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's on my table - book covers...

Sigh... maybe it's the hoarding thing, but I could not throw these out.  I sometimes go to the library and buy some old books for the papers.  This one had the old covers just about falling off and after I tore out a few pages, the covers just begged to be torn off.  I looked at them and figured that I could use them as a base for a project... perhaps another piece like this one I did earlier in the year?

But it needs some work... besides I don't have a definitive vision or plan as yet...  The covers look like paper, with thick chipboard layers, and a papery fabric on the outside, and mesh inside... and definitely fraying at the spine.  As I had to tear off the covers, the edges are the worse for wear.

I took the frayed edges and folded them under, using Extra Heavy gel medium to glue the edges down to finish them along the spine edge.  I had to use binder clips for the edges that are more stubborn.

After that dried well, I used some more gel medium, to essentially spackle the edges down, and smoothed down the edges well.

Ok now... what to do... what to do....